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Welcome to my website. I hope you find something of encouragement on here to help you or a loved one

The reason for this website is to help others understand and overcome through the power of God with Jesus Christ His Son. It is to encourage all who have struggles in this crazy world, and to point them in the direction to find freedom, peace, and security. If you know of anyone who is going through a difficult time, who is looking for a reason for life then please feel free to send out this link to them.

God bless you and your search.

When I was born the doctors discovered that I had been born with a (non threatening) genetic disease. The disease which I have is called Neurofibromatosis, or NF for short. It has to do with tumors on or in the body.

When I was about 10 months old the doctors discovered that I had a tumor on the nerve of my eye. Doctors stated to my parents that if they did not operate to take this tumor out, it would slowly go to my brain and eventually kill me. The doctors remedy was to remove the tumor, which would entail living with the loss of sight in my right eye for the rest of my life. The option for my parents was clear. The choice was made to operate, lose the eye and live.

My parents were believing that the Lord would heal me, but of course doctors were pessimistic in this regard.. While my parents and many believers from many churches as well as friends of the family were praying for a miracle, the doctor who was in charge did not want to hear anything about it. With the request of my father to do one more x-ray before the operation, the doctor replied, "Why?" My father answered, "because we believe God is going to heal him." The doctor replied, "Things like that don't happen today." My father replied, "that is because you are not in places where God can do it." The doctor stated that they had done every possible test imaginable to ensure that the tumor was there, and that they knew what they were doing." So my father reluctantly, decided not to argue, but decided to allow God to touch his heart to do the x-ray, or cause something to happen before I would have to go
through with the operation. Nevertheless my parents left the matter in Gods hands and had faith and peace to believe that God would heal me.

Needless to say they went ahead with the operation without taking the x-ray. Once they cut me from one side of the ear to the other to look for the tumor,
they were shocked to find that nothing was there. Thinking it could be where the nerve went through the bone the surgeon checked there, but again nothing. He was dumbfounded, could do nothing else, sewed me up and came out to talk to my parents to tell them what happened (keep in mind that the doctor my father talked to prior to the operation regarding the x-ray and the surgeon who performed the operation were two different doctors). So when the surgeon
came out to find my parents, he found my father in the waiting room only, so he automatically asked where my mother was, whereupon my father answered, "In the prayer room" (my father would have been in the prayer room as well, but someone needed to be in the waiting room for the surgeon when he came out). So the surgeon replied, "I guess it did some good." My father then asked, "What do you mean." The surgeon replied, "I went directly to where the tumor
was supposed to be and it wasn't there, I then cut the bone where the nerve of the eye goes through and it wasn't there either, so I sewed him up." My father praised the Lord, and thanked the surgeon for the good news. He was joyfully ecstatic, so he called our Pastor at the time and gave him the good report.

It was a mighty miracle of God that day, and my parents along with all the churches rejoiced, for the hand of God was upon me that day. He proved Himself to be the God who heals, and that my time on earth still had a purpose.

I know that many times as humans we say that "no one could have  it worse then me." When you get right down to it, the truth is people do  have it worse than you. The reason I believe that we go through things others do not go through is simply because the Lord will not put us in a  situation that we cannot handle. The Lord knew that I could handle the way I look, even though it had been extremely difficult at times. Most people who look at me for the first time come up with thoughts and ideas, and in most cases are just curious to see someone who looks  different than what they are used to. So they wouldn't accept me for who I was inside, but judged me on what I looked on the outside.

I have experienced many physical healings in my body since I was born. Here are just a few

I have been healed not only of a brain tumor but a tumor on the right side of my neck which caused very serious pain no matter who or how lightly they touched it. This was simply because the tumor was set right on the nerve. In a prayer meeting we were told to place our hand on the part of the body that you want the Lord to heal you at. So I placed my hand on my neck and actually felt the tumor shrink and disappear.

Since I was young I had my left leg that was a little shorter then the the right one. In 2000 I went to a church service where they prayed for me. I had a miracle that evening, which made my left leg grow two inches, causing my left leg to be perfectly even with my right leg. God is so good, and is able to do anything if we will only believe and call upon His name.

For 13 years something was causing me to gag, as if I was chocking. Sometimes it happened after a shower, other times when I was upset, and more so if anything was to close to my throat such as a tie. Well on July 21st 2005 I was healed from a problem that was in my throat. While watching the 700 club a word of knowledge was spoken about a throat problem which God was healing. I received that word for me and praise God I was healed.

When I was in my teens it was very hard to deal with looking the way I did in my appearance. In May of 1993 I began to deal with serious issues. The first issue was depression. I thought that it wasn't a big deal but it later lead to suicidal thoughts. This was the hardest thing I ever had to go through, only because I was scared to think that the end of my life was just around the corner, and there was a terrible battle within me trying to deal with it.

The reason I believe suicidal thoughts came upon my life is because I had to deal with the rejection of those who claimed to be my true friends. The entire ordeal lasted a little longer then two years. At the very lowest point in my life I found myself with scissors in my hand which I was going to use to slit my wrists. If it had not been for God I would not be here today. I thank God for never leaving or forsaking me, and for truly always being there every time I needed Him. In 1996 I was delivered and set free from depression, oppression, and suicidal thoughts, and two years later I was set free from rejection.

Before anyone gets the wrong idea, I believe you should know that I had wonderful loving Godly parents who truly cared for me, and loved me very, very much, and would do anything for me. They helped me whenever I needed it. I was continually in the hospital for different things, and they were always there for me. One of my parents were always home with me and my brother all of our lives. My family has always been involved and have always gone to church, and Jesus was always a central part of our lives.

Just to give you an idea of what my parents would do for me. There was a time when we moved to a certain city, and I had to go to a certain school. I had nothing but taunting, grief, trouble, and torture almost everyday. My parents tried to get the school to deal with the issue, and the children that were
doing this harm to me. They finally gave up on the school for the lack of attention to the matter, and dealt with it in another way. My parents tried to enroll me in another school that was further away, and the school would not allow it because the school bus would not be able to pick me up anymore to go to that other school. That meant that my dad had to drive me and pick me up every day from school. My dad wrote letters, made phone calls, and did
everything that he could until they finally gave in and I was able to change schools with a bus being able to pick me up and take me home.

So my problem wasn't in any way parental. It had to do with the rejection of my peers as well as having a problem with my self esteem. Unfortunately
for me I never discussed the way I felt with my parents, so they didn't know or have any idea of what I was going through. It just goes to show you that
whether in an unloving or a loving home environment, the worst can always happen to anyone. Whether in a Godly or an ungodly relationship we personally need to decide and make right choices for the betterment of our lives and others we love. Hurting ourselves never solves anything, and never will.

In the middle of 2001 and the beginning of 2002 I had dealt with the issue of love. By love I mean the lack of someone seeing me as a human being capable of loving and caring for them.  Most of my life I never really cared to have a "girlfriend" only because at the time I didn't really have a desire to be with anyone, or think that anyone would ever want to be with me.

In 1998 to 2000 I had dealt with the rejection of love issue. I felt that most women looked at my outward appearance since most people assume that it limits me as a person who could be loved or could even show love. It did hurt because I had so much love built up inside me that I felt I would never be given the chance to share it. 

I wanted to be accepted for who I was and not have to be someone I'm not. I noticed that many times people want to be so accepted that they change who they are to please others. Now I did come very close to doing just that until someone came into my path and gave me hope.

I finally was able to find love, and find someone who loved me for who I am in the inside over what I looked liked on the outside. God was surely gracious, and answered my prayer, because God gives good things to those who wait. God gave me Amy, a woman who truly loves me,

The love that Amy shares with me is utterly amazing. I am extremely grateful that the Lord has placed a wonderful loving, caring, kind, patient woman like her in my life. Each day we both grow so much. Though we met through unusual circumstances the Lord has blessed us.

The both of us signed unto the True Love Waits making a commitment to wait for the one who God will place in our life. The fact that we saved ourselves for each other in all things (first kiss, holding hands, "dating", sharing drinks (non-alcoholic of course), etc.. is completely amazing. Both of us having such high standards for our future mate and finally finding each other is a wonderful blessing from the Lord.

Most people thought it would be impossible to find a virgin let alone someone who has never dated or even kissed, but the Lord brought us together and everything we will share will be done for the first time with one another. Amy is truly my Proverbs 31 woman. She is truly a virtuous woman and a wonderful wife. We were married September 18th 2004. God is surely good.

Well after 2 years of lots of hard work and even more prayer I have completed Bible School receiving my ministerial diploma. For me Bible school was a very fun and exciting time in my life. I met lots of interesting people from all walks of life. I also had a few teachers who not only added more knowledge in my life but made school and Christianity fun and alive. Pastor Fred (Christian Ethics, Believers Authority, How to Study the Word), Dean Laurie (The Tabernacle, Systematic Theology) Pastor Elias from Africa with whom I learned, and spoke a little Swahili with  (Sanctification), and Pastor Travis (Evangelism, ). It was also exciting to receive after my first year the Deans Assistant award, and of course my second year Finishing Assignments Early. I recommend finding a Spirit filled bible school to anyone who wants to get into ministry. Not so much because you NEED to in order to teach and preach the bible, but to receive more knowledge.

I myself learned so much before bible school but I also learned some more in bible school. If you want to go to a bible school to receive a degree in many different areas I will recommend my Education List on the left side.

God bless you in your decision to grow more in Christ.

Today in the church we seem to be missing something that early church fathers had. Supernatural powers from God for His children to complete the work that Jesus himself started. Things such as healings, walking on water, spoken word with commanding the rain to cease, and most of all the dead raised from the dead.

As I look back at history I am reminded of so many people who shook this world for Jesus and His gospel. With the disciples, to Paul, as well as Martin Luther, John Wesley, John G Lake, and many other great men of God. All these men and as well as many woman I haven't listed were full of the Spirit of God and understood exactly what needed to be done to live for God.

God used them as vessels so that lives would be touched, many would repent of their sins, be saved through Jesus Christ our Savior, so they could reign with God and the saints for eternity. This same Spirit of God operates even today and we too can be used as vessels.

The commission of the Lord didn't just stop at "go into all the world and preach the gospel", it continued on where Jesus said to his disciples even to this day to: "cast out devils, bring sight to the blind, hearing to the deaf, and raise the dead". If we humble ourselves towards the Lord and submit ourselves to His perfect will for our lives, we will be unstoppable simply because it is the Lord's calling, "If God is for us, who can stand against us?"

I am reminded to my childlike faith when I was only 11. Walking around the corner to where my house was, with  my cousin and it began to rain. So my cousin and I begin to run when I am reminded of faith and how simple it is. Telling my cousin as I stand in the rain and saying "all you have to do is ask God to stop the rain and He will". He laughed of course and I did ask believing it. To our surprise the rain stopped. We need to get back to our childlike faith so we can do all the works Christ commands.

I'm really wanting and praying to see God move in this world before His return. If you want His power released on earth I ask you to pray that God will pour out His Spirit upon His people. This is a promise which He gave to us. "I will pour out my Spirit upon all flesh..."Acts 2:4.

If you want to experience the presence of God let me say a prayer for you right now.

Father, I ask you to pour of your Holy Spirit upon your child right now. They may be going through many troubling and challenging trials in there life, but you love them. Only You can take care of them, and those serious issues they are dealing with. Jesus, You are the only thing they need in their lives. You said you will never leave us nor forsake us, and you will always stick closer than a brother. So Lord Jesus touch your child, break them, and continue to mould them into what you want them to be. Father open there hearts and ears to You so they can hear what you have to say. Let them be able to experience so much more of you, and let them be able to express it towards others. Let them know the peace that passes all understanding, and the Love that only you can truly give. In the name that is above all names, King of Kings, and Lord of Lords, in the precious name of Jesus I pray. Amen.

If you have never made the choice to accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior you can now do so here

 May the Love of the Lord be with you now, always, and until his return.



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